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About Our Founders

It all started when…

three empowered women converged paths and wondered, “How can we facilitate profound transformational experiences and a truly embodied sisterhood while also having fun?”

While on their travels together, Tracey, Kat and Maia envisioned cultivated feminine healing experiences in incredible destinations. POW Retreats is the manifestation of their vision.


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Tracey Etelson

 Tracey has an eclectic resume that traverses from corporate financial executive to alternative educator to her current passion, QHHT practitioner. Raised in the oldest still existing cooperative community in the US, Tracey embodies the spirit of community.

Living amongst the pioneers of civil rights activism and world peace organizations, she had access to an unending stream of thought leaders and change makers. At eight, she met Thich Nhat Hanh, who planted the seeds of non-judgement and encouraged her path as a seeker of spiritual knowledge.

 In contrast, Tracey’s parents were movers and shakers in the world of business. Her mother, a feminist who broke the glass ceiling in corporate america and her father who advanced innovative, disrupter concepts to build a nationwide company. Eager to make her parents proud, she received her MBA in 1987, and entered the corporate world. While the experiences and skills developed were invaluable, there was no joy or feelings of deep satisfaction, no matter how great the achievement.

 Through a series of catastrophic life events and the addition of three small children, Tracey’s life took a dramatic turn. One that would lead to a thirty year quest for meaning. Equipped mostly with her business background and her own educational experience, Tracey started a Montessori school for her own children and a handful of friends.

For the first time there was an alignment of purpose and passion. While there were formidable obstacles, there was also a flow that was nothing less than miraculous. The school thrived and was eventually acquired by a large education corporation.

Throughout the 25 years of building and running the school, Tracey encountered a series of spiritual influencers and pursued a deep, wide personal study. One of those was a practitioner and teacher for the Upledger Institute, an alternative healing community.

Freed of the daily responsibility of running a business, Tracey offered up her skill set to the institute. There she would meet her future business partner, Kat Perry and lay the plans for Power of Women Retreats. It was a new opportunity to fully integrate both her spiritual and entrepreneurial background for a heartfelt purpose. Finally, after following the work of Delores Cannon for 20 years, Tracey trained to be a QHHT practitioner. 

Kat Perry

Kat Perry is the co-founder and owner/ director of Integrative Intentions, partnering with the Upledger Institute, the world leader in Dolphin Assisted and Comprehensive Therapy Programs since the early 2000s.

A diplomate certified practitioner with the Upledger Institute, Kat has dedicated her life to assisting others in their journey to health and wholeness. She has pioneered therapy programs with big cats, bison, elephants and horses.

Presently, in addition to facilitating classes, therapy programs and retreats around the world, she oversees the Upledger Institute Clinic in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. 

Although Kat was already extremely accomplished in her field, she wanted to have an even broader reach. Embracing and combining new healing innovations for the benefit of empowering women seemed like the next logical extension of her mission.

Together with her new partners Maia Swanson and Tracey Etelson she created Power of Woman Retreats. 

Kat melds her solid administrative experience with her uncanny intuitive insights to create magical healing experiences for a growing community of like minded, powerful women eager to reach new heights of joy and self actualization.

Maia Swanson

Maia was raised amidst the desert valleys and mesas of New Mexico. She has traveled extensively and is committed to a lifetime of learning and growth.

She chose to apply her medical knowledge to the practice of CranioSacral Therapy and quickly rose to mastery level. Maia walks her talk and has fully integrated her beliefs in her lifestyle. She lives communally, and her work is her mission and passion and the embodiment of her vision: to continue to nurture and cultivate an ever-expanding family of compassionate, connected humans.

Maia possesses an encyclopedic, scientific brain, which she balances with her depth of emotional maturity and an irrepressible lightness of spirit. She embodies the confidence and poise of a zen master, born of packing the maximum possible education and experience into her 40+ years. She is both high priestess and humble servant, interchangeably. 

An intuitive listener, Maia deftly translates both spoken and unspoken thoughts. To be in her presence and experience her work is like opening one’s heart to embrace the vast universe.