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Destination Retreats

Imagine Yourself in Soul-Activating destinations, getting reacquainted with yourself and Thriving in the Company of Other Conscious WomeN

It’s all about connection

Transformative Healing Experiences for Conscious Women

Power of Women Retreats are empowered healing experiences designed to reconnect you with yourself, others, nature and your sense of purpose.

If you’re dedicated to personal evolution and are looking for an opportunity to rekindle your joy while you discover a new level of enlightenment, we would be honored for you to join us in sisterhood.

We’ve gathered a community of world-class healing facilitators to support small groups of women on sacred journeys in the world’s most beautiful and interesting destinations.

We’re dedicated to empowering you to achieve powerful, lasting healing that shifts both individual and collective consciousness.


Explore sensuality and self-love on a 4-day escape to the gem of the U.S. Virgin Islands. You’ll be welcomed to a range of healing modalities by swaying palm trees, pristine beaches and crystal clear view of ocean life.

Find yourself in the mist of the Smokey Mountains in autumn. Join a group of conscious, empowered women on a retreat focused on the magic of transformation through shadow work and various complementary healing modalities.

A quantum healing geared transformational experience set in the desert of Arizona. Bask in the energy of Sedona’s dazzlingly colorful rock formations and conscious local community.

Beckham’s Creek Cave lodge is the awe-inspiring destination of our earth-based retreat nestled in heart of the Ozarks. 


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“I participated in a POW Retreat last Spring that was all about women’s sexuality…

Talk about an empowering experience!!! Hum, you say, ‘Wasn’t that a bit uncomfortable to talk about?’ Absolutely not! The presenters’ knowledge and comfort with the topic set everyone at ease. We participated in  creative arts and crafts projects, discussions groups and meditation. The meals and accommodations were great! Each participant received multi hands CranioSacral Therapy and a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session. By the end of those 4 wonderful days, I had 8 new lasting friendships and such wonderfully empowering and liberating information!”


Debbie T.

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“Attending the women’s retreat last winter was one of the greatest gifts I have given myself in a long time…

I love attending seminars, but the sisterhood that resulted from living together, cooking and eating, playing, and honestly sharing thoughts on our life’s experiences at the retreat was flat out amazing!”

Cindy R.

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