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Our Facilitators

Meet the Facilitators of Our Transformative Experiences…

The energetic space of our retreats is held by a skilled group of women with varied personal and professional healing backgrounds. They share a unique dedication to empowering conscious women through transformative healing experiences.

In addition to the expertise of our founders, you’ll have the opportunity to work with facilitators within a variety of modalities, hand-picked from within our collaborative community.

Our offerings include :


  • CranioSacral Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Reiki
  • Acupuncture
  • QHHT
  • Tantric Breathwork
  • Pelvic Floor Therapy

Our Team

Andie D.

As a licensed massage therapist who has specialized in Lymphatic drainage and CranioSacral therapy, our alpha witch Andie is highly attuned to the natural “FLOW” within and without.

Andie brings an excellence to her passions and pursuit of becoming her most authentic self. She is fearless in her ability to live unclad and vulnerable in the world.

Having endured the worst of human inclinations in her childhood, she has triumphed to become a living example of all that is good and kind in humanity.

Andie teaches us that through courageous pursuit of self discovery and radical self acceptance we can all achieve bliss, joy and self love, regardless of our histories.

She is the archetypal Warrior Princess who delights in rallying the battle call against all the demons of past trauma.


Laura Wilson

Laura is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Craniosacral Therapist, specializing in Men’s and Women’s Health.  With 23 years of experience, she has evolved as a clinician and as a woman.  “I deeply respect the complex relationships between the traumas we experience, thoughts we think, feelings we feel and their combined effects on the nervous system, which can ultimately be a set up for further physical injury.”

Laura brings an eclectic treatment approach to the table (or water), combining the physical and metaphysical realms for a truly unique experience.  Using her skills of intuition, touch, pattern recognition and the ability to hold space, she is able to facilitate a deeper level of healing than what one is able to receive in a typical, traditional physical therapy setting.

Laura is a cofounder and owner/director of Internal Alchemy, a collaborative wellness venture with her partner.  Their boutique private practice bridges the foundations of nutrition and life coaching together with advanced manual therapy for a deeper, more complete healing experience.



Jeanne Gorham

Jeanne Gorham is a passionate multi-hands CST therapist who has been studying and deepening her practice for over 15 years. She loves her work and believes CST has the potential to help change the world for the better. 

This work that she does ( CST, SER) facilitating sessions , especially multiple therapists sessions, helps people to enrich their relationship with their own innate wisdom, to deepen their awareness of self, to gain tools that allows for increased sense of well-being, which in turn gives access to deeper internal resources.

This creates a ripple effect in their lives and community, making the world a better place.

She believes that our relationship to ourselves, each other and the world / universe and beings we share it with are of utmost importance. Where we place our intentions and attention helps to create our reality. Further, compassion, kindness and empathy help to create strong beautiful relationships.

Everything comes back to relationships and community.

Outside of the therapy setting Jeanne is an multi-passionate artist, working with mediums such as mixed media, water color, collage and found objects. She loves spending time in nature, sauntering in the woods or on the beach , enjoying adventures (and happy hour) with friends as well as taking walks with her dog Maisie.


Sandra Darling

Sandra Darling takes pride in coloring outside the lines and applies that philosophy liberally to parenting and feminism. Much of her activism was born in motherhood, and the literal village she built to grow that human. Her community organizing skills grew from her experiences in sex ed as a high school volunteer, teaching early harm reduction ideals to her peers. 

Sandra left high school to explore the world as an exotic dancer, spoken word artist, burlesque performer, roller derby super star, sheet metal worker, non-profit employee, small business owner, embroiderer, and collector of fascinating things. She eventually completed her bachelors degree in labor studies, and a masters in social justice and community organizing, both as a non-traditional student with a little one at her side. 

With her little one gone from home, and married to the person  of her dreams, Sandra has settled into life as an educator in service of her community. She is learning to fly as an aerialist, and still kinda wants to be a fireman, or a dinosaur.



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“Attending the women’s retreat last winter was one of the greatest gifts I have given myself in a long time…

I love attending seminars, but the sisterhood that resulted from living together, cooking and eating, playing, and honestly sharing thoughts on our life’s experiences at the retreat was flat out amazing!”

Cindy R.

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